Take your
healthy lifestyle
"I can't"
"I choose to"

You spend most of your days taking care of the needs of others and at the end of it, you can't name one thing you've done to put yourself on your priority list.

Your commitment to:
Get some exercise.Eat vegetables at every meal.Get at least 7 hours of sleep.Or even to just take a moment to breathe.
Has gone down the tubes.

You love what you to take care of your family and your career...but something is missing...and that's loving how you take care of you.

It's time to turn things around

You don't need another healthy lifestyle (or weight loss) program...it's not about giving you more information to weigh down your already overloaded plate.

Instead, what you need is a plan to help you take action and stay accountable every single day by turning your goals and knowledge into results that you actually care about.

introducing...Live Healthy Every Day

Live Healthy Every Day isn't about giving you random tips on what to do to be healthier...instead, you and I will work together each week to take action no matter how busy your week gets.

With daily one-on-one access to your healthy lifestyle coach via WhatsApp...You'll:

Get access to the resources you need...workout videos, personalized guides, or someone to talk to...when you need them to take action.Craft simplified strategies and steps that are created with your unique life in mind...so you can get unstuck and take action no matter how busy your life gets.Get periodic check-ins as needed...so you can get the personalized answers you need (no generic Google answers here) + clear guidance to help you turn these answers to action.

Here's how it works:

At the beginning of the program, you share:

The goals you want to reach using a healthy lifestyle.Where you are in the process of reaching them today.What you hope to see so we focus on tracking results that matter to you.

At the beginning of each week we will have a weekly chat in WhatsApp:

To do a postmortem on the previous week...this will teach us more about what's working so we can do more of that and less of what isn't.Make a plan for the upcoming week so you're clear on what your key actions are and how you intend to be accountable.

During the week we will check-in to:

See how you're making progress.Troubleshoot any obstacles that pop up during the week.Answer any questions you have.

And we will repeat this cycle till you reach your goal.

Enrollment in Live Healthy Every Day is on a month-to-month basis and there are no contracts on minimum monthly commitments.

Here's what this will help you do:

With each week we work together, you'll:

Know that you're working towards the thrill of never having to say "I can't" again.Live happier knowing that you're being more of the woman you want to be...a woman who takes care of herself even as she handles her business.Feel fulfilled by the act of taking care of your body each and every day even as you drive hard towards the goals you have for your work and your family.

About Your Coach

I’m EJ Ogenyi, and I created Live Healthy Every Day after I had my second child because I saw the need for a simpler...but still personalized...model for healthy lifestyle coaching.

As a working mom with a ton of commitments, I needed a way to stay healthy that didn't take up all my time and energy...I needed something that will give me the energy to keep going through my typical days that start at 4:30 AM and don't stop till 10 (even on weekends).

My experience reinforced the fact that healthy living is less about getting your old body back and more about being strong enough to pursue the goals you have for your future and those you love.

So if you have goals in mind to...

Build a solid financial footing...a goal that requires you to be at your best every day even when working long hours is your norm...Have a great relationship with the kids...a goal that requires being at your best at the end of a long day to spend time with the kiddos..Have a great relationship with your spouse...a goal that requires you to have the energy to stay up with your boo after the kids have gone to bed...

...Reaching your goal is About Personalized Action & Accountability.

Action & accountability to give you the energy and the drive to keep reaching for your bigger goals.

Our work together will help you:

Make shifts as needed when your life demands it.Reevaluate your goals as you go along without feeling like you've failed yourself for noticing that you want something different.Be yourself and tailor your actions to your needs even when it doesn't jibe with conventional wisdom.
When you have big dreams for yourself, the work you enjoy, and the people you love, a cookie cutter system won't do.

Which is what makes
Live Healthy Every Day

It's a simple program that'll adapt to you as you take care of yourself on your way to achieving your big dreams.

Here's how to get started...

Click the button below to fill out an application.Once I review your application, I will contact you about setting up a 15-minute WhatsApp chat to discuss your goals and how I can help.Once we decide to move forward after our chat, I'll send you an invoice for your first month of Live Healthy Every Day.Once you make your first payment...we'll begin.

the investment for Live healthy every day is

Enrollment in Live Healthy Every Day is on a month-to-month basis and there are no contracts on minimum monthly commitments.

I'm excited to work with you to help you reach your goal...click the button below to apply so we can get started.

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